Clarifying Shampoo • Vita Hair Professional • 1000 ml


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VITAHAIR Professional Clarifying Shampoo the first step of our exclusive Smoothing Treatment.

With a blend of unique ingredients from the highest standard sources available today. Developed with a truly sustainable conscience, along with an Eco-friendly and cruelty free mindset. Safety is a concern to us that’s why we don’t use formaldehyde, petroleum, sulfates or parabens.

This treatment works effectively on volume and frizz reduction while repairing and sealing your hair cuticles from root to ends. Based on organic acids, moisturizing and reconstructing elements such as Hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed vegan peptides, 11 amino acids, amazonian extracts, Argan oil among others, we proudly developed the VITAHAIR Biosyn® matrix technology. Biosyn® stands for Bio-afinity and Synergy, after extensive laboratory and real life testing, we have developed our own proprietary blend of ingredients that enhances the ability for all of them to act together as one, yielding multiple results in just one application.

This is the secret behind our perfect results, your hair will experience volume and frizz reduction along with exceptional strength, luminosity and softness.  It promotes a more vivid shine in blondes, highlights and all hair types. It’s results can last up to 4 months with our VITAHAIR maintenance products.

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Peso 1000 kg
Dimensões 15 × 15 × 35 cm

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