The Clarifying Shampoo is the essential first step in our exclusive smoothing treatment. With its unique formula, it deeply cleanses removing any residue as it prepares  the hair for the smoothing treatment. Its formula contains high-quality ingredients developed with sustainable consciousness and free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, sulfates, and parabens. In addition, the Clarifying Shampoo is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. By thoroughly cleansing the hair, this first step will optimize the process of the smoothing treatment. 


The Reconstructive Smoothing Treatment is the solution to straight, soft, and silky hair. Developed with BIOSYN Matrix Tecnology, this proprietary formulation is free of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and parabens. The Reconstructive Smoothing Treatment contains high-quality ingredients which will continue to treat and nourish your hair during the smoothing process.

MASK • pH 4.5

The VITAHAIR Professional Mask is the perfect solution for deeply nourished and repaired hair. With its exclusive and powerful formula, it can be used as a stand-alone mask for deep repair and conditioning or to prepare highly damaged hair for our exclusive Smoothing Treatment. Enriched with high-quality ingredients and BIOSYN matrix technology, this hair mask provides the necessary nutrition to restore the health of your hair, providing intense hydration and a radiant appearance. Try the VITAHAIR Professional Mask now and enjoy healthy, soft, and shiny hair.

Step 1: Cleanse

INSTRUCTIONS: Wet hair. Apply Vitahair Clarifying Shampoo 1 and work into a rich lather from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. After rinsing out all the shampoo, gently towel dry and hand dry so hair is damp (80% – 90% dry) as it is quicker and application is easier to distribute without compromising the result for most hair types. Avoid brushing the hair during the cleaning process.

If the client wants a super smooth finish or is a very resistant hair or afro, can apply the treatment on 100% dry hair, as the product will not be “diluted” with the water in the hair.

Step 2: Treatment Application

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut hair with your preferred technique into small equal sections. Wear gloves, pour treatment into a bowl (start with 2 ounces) and use a brush to apply treatment in small sections ½ inch from the scalp. Gently comb each section for even saturation. Pay special attention when combing heavily processed or colored hair as they are very fragile, ideally you should pass the product with your hands (with gloves) from length to ends. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and cover with a towel to maintain body temperature. Let the treatment act on the hair from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the hair texture and the desired result (see table). Rinse the entire treatment in cold or warm water for 30 to 50 seconds until the water is clear and not milky. Squeeze out excess water and towel dry.

Damaged Hair Treatment Recommendations

For extremely damaged, brittle and porous hair, before applying Vitahair Treatment 2, apply a small amount of Vitahair Professional Masque on half of the damaged ends (about 4-6 in). wait 5 min and rinse.

Blow dry hair to 100% dry with hands and finish with a round brush with good tension to ensure cuticles are fully sealed and 100% dry.

Hair thickness and texture will determine how many passes and heat are recommended for each hair type/texture.

Use our Magic Liss Spray to ensure the best finish, shine and style with extra heat protection.

Flat iron (see table below): Make sure hair is 100% dry before using the flat iron. Work with small ½ to 1 inch thick strands, roots first with wrist tension and then create long even strokes at normal speed (not too slow to avoid hair damage) from root to tip (avoid the ends) as if polishing the hair repeating the necessary passes per section depending on hair texture and desired result.


A complete collection of hair care products designed to provide the best hair care experience in the comfort of your own home. Our line has been developed with exclusive formulas and high-quality ingredients to deliver exceptional results and ensure that your hair is always healthy, shiny, and radiant.Experience Vita Hair’s Home Care Line and discover the secret to truly healthy and stunning hair. Enjoy professional care in your own home and awaken the beauty of your hair every day. Be your own hairstylist and fall in love with the results. Your hair deserves the best, and we’re here to provide exactly that. Vita Hair – where excellence in hair care meets the convenience of home

Shampoo - Home Care - Vitahair Professional - 300 ml

SHAMPOO • pH 6.0

Formulated with our proprietary BIOSYN Matrix Technology, vitahair home care shampoo is ideal for all hair types. A unique blend of 11 essential amino acids provides the necessary nutrition to restore hair mass. Along with Vegan Peptides that rebuild the natural keratin of the hair and oils that restore the hair’s natural lipid layer, the resulting effect is strong, radiantly shiny and healthy hair. Sulfate and paraben free formula.

HOW TO USE: Apply Vitahair home care shampoo to wet hair, distribute evenly and massage throughout all hair and scalp. Rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Condicionador - Home Care - Vitahair Professional - 300 ml


Developed with the proprietary BIOSYN Matrix Technology, the vitahair home care conditioner is suitable for all hair types. This formula contains a unique blend of 11 essential amino acids that provide the necessary nutrition to restore hair mass and structure. In addition, Vegan Peptides will help rebuild the hair’s natural keratin, while the oils restore the natural lipid layer, hydrating the hair fibers without weighing them down. Final results will feature strong, healthy hair with a radiant shine and no frizz.

HOW TO USE: Apply Vitahair maintenance conditioner after washing with shampoo and leave on for 2-3 minutes then rinse.

Mask - Home Care - Vitahair Professional - 300 ml

MASK • pH 4.5

Our Vitahair hair mask is a unique formula, developed with our exclusive BIOSYN Matrix Technology, which can be used on all hair types. With a blend of 11 amino acids, our hair mask provides the necessary nutrition to restore hair mass and bring life to the hair fiber. In addition, our vegan peptides rebuild the hair’s natural keratin, while the oils restore the natural lipid layer, resulting in strong, soft, and shiny hair, without frizz.

HOW TO USE: After washin with the shampoo, apply Vitahair maintenance masque on damp hair. Distribute evenly and leave on for 10 minutes (with a plastic cap if possible) then rinse. Apply Vitahair Maintenance Conditioner to finish and seal all the hair cuticle and finish the process.

Magic Liss Spray - Home Care - Vitahair Professional - 200 ml


Vitahair Magic Liss Spray creates a waterproof film on your hair, providing a long-lasting and intense smoothing effect. This innovative formula seals the hair cuticles, preventing split ends, eliminating frizz, and protecting your hair from harmful UV radiation. Unlike other hair products, this spray won’t weigh down or leave build-up on your hair, so you can enjoy a naturally soft, shiny, and healthy-looking hair.

HOW TO USE: After washing and conditioning the hair, apply the Magic Liss Spray all over the slight damp hair. Detangle with a suitable comb, ensuring that the product has been distributed from root to ends. Blowdry and flatiron the hair acording to your style and preferance or just let it dry naturaly.


We are the Vita Hair Professional team, a group of passionate individuals whose objective is to enhance everyone’s life through safe and innovative products. We have created exceptional products to meet your daily hair care needs! Furthermore, we take pride in offering high-performance professional products exclusively for your salon. Our professional products have been specially formulated to deliver extraordinary results and meet the demands of 

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